Post renovation clean complete-You did an amazing job! We are so excited to move in! We are so happy, thank you for fitting us into your schedule!

Colby & Nilsa

On behalf of the events team, we want to thank you for staying the day of the event and insuring it’s success! CAO was very pleased on how amazing the building looked inside and out!


Thank you for all the extra work you did to make building look Top Notch for the AGM.Thank you for your proactive work in providing a team check list 6 weeks prior. We always feel confident that we can count on you to help us out and be flexible with all our requests, no matter how large or small. You are wonderful to work with!

I look forward to working with you again next year on the preparations for the 2016 AGM.


It doesn’t matter what state we leave our office in on Friday, Monday morning comes and we know you have put it all back into place for us.

Steve & Sean

I want to personally thank you for all the extras you do for us!-SalesManagement Team


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I want to say it again,Thank You! For keeping our work space so nice and clean. It is so nice to come to work to a clean office and not have to be the one to do it!


Thank you for bringing in the equipment and taking quick action on a Sunday morning when our administrative building flooded.


Your team does amazing work! Our staff and clients noticed Monday morning and showed more respect. Thank you!


Thank you for respecting our requests in a complete odor free/chemical free clean of our large condo. We were amazed you were able to remove all hard water, rust staining out of all three bathrooms. And at a very affordable price!


Thank you, we appreciate you keeping this place the way you do for our visitors!Best regards, Kent

Thank you for beautifying our grounds and making our admin building visible after 2 1/2 years of over growth! I feels so much nicer to come to work and view now!

Jon and Danielle

Wow! Absolutely everything shines when you come to service our building, inside and out!


Everything looks spectacular! Awesome job well done on this event! You work so hard!

Alison, Brian, Wally, Ashley, Shawn, Andrew, and Dionisio

All the CEO’s that attended this event were very impressed with the cleanliness and set up.

The house looks fantastic! Thank you for your prompt service!


We wanted you back for our next two jobs! We remembered how well you took care of us and our move out!


We appreciate the partnership we have shared this past year. It means a lot to have teamswe can rely on and who are willing to lend their support to us and our customers. We look forward to continuing to work with you and to a prosperous new year.


Thank you for all you have done for us and all you do!! And for your patience with our payables!


Thank you for your quick response to this high profile VIP tour, appreciate your high quality work that ensures a high quality customer and stakeholder experience!


Thank you for rearranging your schedule to meet our needs.We were so proud of the compliments our plant received today! Ministers said “It was so clean they thought they could eat off the floors!”

Jason & Pat

This building is so clean, every floor! You maintain it so well!


Jade Cleaning Services did a fantastic job on my carpets. The staff are friendly, trustworthy and deliver an excellent service. Thank you!


The building maintenance at this site is excellent! Compared to our last positions, this building ranks beyond clean!

Jason & Trevor

The house looks amazing! Thank you!


If you ever want a fantastic cleaning company, I strongly recommend Their team did a fantastic job on a full clean of the house I just sold.


We definitely want you in for the post construction clean on our new home. You did a wonderful job on our sold acreage. Highly recommend!


Great job on our condo! Ready to sell!


Thank you for the pre-move in clean work. I’m confident the place looks fabulous!


I wanted to thank you, this house looks amazing! You must have worked exceedingly hard!

I know I cant clean as well as you can so I am so grateful for you getting this under control for me! Thank You! My house has never been this clean!


You pay such attention to detail! This is the cleanest plant I have ever worked in!


You did a fantastic job on our pre-health inspection clean! Thank you!


Your team went over and above on our rental property! Highly recommend! Short notice, quote and price remained the same, and you came on a Sunday!

John & Sandy

The entire staff noticed a big difference when Jade started cleaning services!

Thank you!


We would like to thank you for the beautiful job you did on our condo building!

Residents noticed brighter, cleaner carpets and a nice fresh scent.

Sunshine Villa

“Thank you Jade Cleaning Services for doing such a wonderful job of cleaning our library carpets. After seeing over 8000 people walk on our carpets they were in rough shape, but thanks to the excellent job you did on them they look brand new!! Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure that our library facility is well maintained.” Elysse Reicheneder- Irricana & Rural Library

Thank you for the Emergency Service! Never know when you will need it!


Thanks for cleaning today, it makes a big difference and you do such a great job! Reviews and comments from guests have mentioned how clean the B&B is.


Place looks great and ready to list! Love the shine on the floors!


On behalf of the town of Irricana, The Canada Day Committee and the Town Office, we would like to thank you for your donation towards our Canada 150 Celebrations! We really appreciate your support!


Our bathrooms look 100% cleaner! Thank you for the great job! Well done!


Building is cleaner than it’s ever been! Worth every penny! Place looks awesome…you exceeded my expectations!


Thanks for taking the extra time but most important thanks for the Great job!


Just got home from vacation and need to tell you how awesome it was to come home to a clean house. Thank you so much!!!


We have nothing to communicate with or improve, our building is consistantly impeccably clean. :)

DHL Management

Thank you for being our bin angel and insuring our waste bins our brought to curb for pick up every Sunday night. Going the extra step!

ATB Management

House looksfantastic again! Thank you so much! Always look forward to your visits!


Of the 4 plants I have been employed at, this is by far the cleanest plant i Have ever worked at. Your attention to detail is amazing!


We visit a lot of businesses every week setting up operating systems and we have to say your company does phenomenal work, the cleaning is outstanding!

Nextec Team

We are really impressed at how clean you maintain this plant! Great Job!

Acuren and Cessco Staff

No one cleans and cares for this plant as well as you do.


Everything looks and smells great Janet! Another job well done and I love it, thank you so much! Open house on Friday! I also like coming home every other Wednesday when you’ve been in to clean. :)


Thank you for continuing our cleaning service. I really appreciate all you do.


We can’t belive how clean our carpetsturnout! They look like new again!


Our carpets look amazing! Can’t believe you were able to remove all the stains!


We are so glad to see you are providing the cleaning services at this plant outage. Theprevious outage janitorial services where we contracted at were very sub standard.We are always well looked after at this plant and appreciate your hard work! :)

Robert’s Mechanical, Aluma Scaffolding and Siemens

Customers have commented how clean the store is and how clean it smells! So we are happy! :)


My carpets look amazing! Thank you Janet!


We are so impressed in your work and all you accomplished in our home in such a short time! Thank You!


We could never walk across our clean freshly washed floors in disrespect of you.Consistent cleaning every time!


Janet and her staff pay extra attention to every detail of of building. They are fast and efficient. :)


Janet is always professional and always gives aconsistent top notch clean which reflects in our plant. :)


I am always getting great compliments about how clean our place is from guests- thanks to you!


Thank you for taking such good care of us!


Our Detachment has never been this clean!


You definitely have a detailed eye for a professional clean.


Super efficient cleaning service!


You rock!!!


Thank you for doing such good work in taking care of our building! So thorough!


Thankyou! Always go above and beyond! A definite eye for detail!


We appreciate the partnership we have shared the past 17 years. It means a lot to have teams we can rely on and are willing to lend their support to us and our customers. We look forward to continuing to work with you and to a prosperous New Year!


Thank you for your work yesterday, Janet! Floors and surfaces look great and the office has a fresh clean smell :) Bathroom tiles are already looking better too—Thank you!


The whole office feels and smells cleaner! Thank you for your continued work on the grout and tile. Bathroom floors look so much better!


I’ve been asked hundreds of times by cleaning companies to switch. My response is I have a fantastic lady that does an amazing job! Why would I change? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!


Just wanted to reach out and send a thank you note to you. I do appreciate everything you do for us and the quality of work you provide.


jade 2000